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Towards a Delighted Bharath

For a safer, cleaner and natural world around us

    We believe that dreams are good. We believe that this world now is the result of dreams dreamt by our ancestors. We too have a dream of a better tomorrow which we share with our children, the future of this world. Understanding that only when dreams have been turned to reality can true milestones be achieved, we have dedicated ourselves to achieving this very objective. We have therefore pooled all our knowledge sourced from very diverse backgrounds and given birth to an idea that is already tangible and growing so that tomorrow will be just like we dream it to be today. A world where all is safe, the air is clean and we live in perfect harmony with nature.

Concept Delight Bharath

India, the land of a million dreams, the oasis of never-ending opportunities and the delight for a development enthusiast....All encouraging aspects of a country with myriad hues. The question is why aren’t these opportunities being taken up, why are millions of dreams still unfulfilled and why aren’t people committed to development able to make a large scale impact.

Amazing technology is developing in small pockets of the country, national movements with unsurpassable fire seem to crop up sporadically but the impact is never national. It has been years since we have had a successful economic revolution. The youth of the country is ripe for the chase but what do we have to offer but empty promises. The need of the hour is for a transformation in outlook, to develop ideas into nationally scalable realities.

ESS has identified certain core areas that require immediate intervention. These cover a wide range of areas that are currently neglected or are not catered to adequately. These include a connected sanitation infrastructure combined with other public amenities to enable waste management, river protection, transportation and traffic management and the like.

To do this ESS has put together a campaign christened as “Delight Bharath”. Delight Bharath envisions a Better, Safer and Natural India around us, with fresh air, clear rivers, clean roads, and world-class infrastructures and above all, a positive spirit towards nation building. We are working towards making people aware of the importance of proper waste management and hygiene by providing them with a solution that is nothing less than the fulfilment of basic human rights - The right to adequate sanitation and hence the right to human dignity and national pride.

The Promised Difference
Unique/ Innovative solutions
International standards for outputs
Proven and tested solutions
Eco-friendly operations
Results Guaranteed
Combined with maintenance plan and warranty
A Delightful India: The Dream ahead!
Clear air for all
Pure water everywhere
Clean and Flowing Rivers & Streams
A waste free & waste-heap free India
Superb public sanitation infrastructure and amenities
Cleaner, Better & Safer India

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